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Sanwa led joystick + Kaimana J2 rgb support for IPAC Ultimate i/o

Hi I was wondering how I connect the Paradise Sanwa JLF led joystick to the ultimate i/o board (+RGB) as its single coloured (bright orange) it only has the red and black cable 

Also is it possible to connect the kaimana rgb to the ultimate i/o board I made these purchases a while ago and had hoped to buy 12 peles but couldn't so I bought 6 peles + 6 kaimanas + 4 uilas however I don't know to connect them so as of now the player 1 buttons are all lit and the player 2 sides only has 2 uilas 

I tried submitting a support ticket for this but everytime I tried sending the ticket it would send me to login page even though my account is still logged on 



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