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Kaimana wiki?

The site has been down since I bought the kaimana.  Where can I find documentation for the kaimana, specifically the kaimana mini?

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I have some of the basics at I hope that gets you going!

Thanks, I already have that page bookmarked for the customization of the led programming.

Im more looking for installation guide/wiring guide, I just bought the breakout board so it will be much easier to install.  I guess my only real question is how the led pcb driver board will draw power from the ps360+. 

I see a vcc screw terminal on both the breakout and the akishop ps360+, is this pin where the kaimana mini will draw power?


Yup. You have to wire 5v into the vcc terminal in the breakout. You can pull power from the vcc power terminal in the ps360+ You can also just use the 20 pin connector on the kaimana mini and plug it straight into the ps360+ header if you have it installed

I don't have the header installed, that is why I bought the breakout.  I think I'm failing to see something here still. And since there is 0 documentation on this online all I can do is assume, that will cause problems.

I have a ps360+ with no header installed, I have a kaimana mini with the breakout.  It appears that the screw terminals on the breakout will be mirrored from the left to right side as what looks like a pass through, so the inputs being captured by the kaimana I can understand.

I cannot figure out how to get power to the kaimana mini board.  The breakout has an unlabeled screw terminal on the joystick side above down that I assumed would be the input for power from the ps360+ vcc screw terminal.  

When I connected that pin to the vcc pin on the ps360+ screw terminal and tried to plug in the ps360+, the kaimana didn't even blink to show it was getting power.  (I have tested the kaimana mini to be functional with just a usb cable to the pc.)

I think we are miss communicating on what should be connected to what, and how the connection should be made.  Again with the lack of documentation all I can do is make assumptions and potentially fry this little board. 

The attached picture are the 2 screw terminals that I connected to test power to the kaimana.  Im just trying to test functionality before wiring buttons and everything, thats why I'm only making the one connection and plugging the ps360+ in to usb.

I do have headers that I could install from an old arduino kit, but I bought the breakout to avoid that.

You need to connect a gnd wire also from the ps to the kaimana for power to flow through the kaimana. Any gnd point in the ps360 will do

Thanks man, Im all set now.

Now I get to newb my way through the code.

After wiring it all up It looks like I had some crossed signals on some buttons (when pressing one multiple would light up) 

Can I still use a 10 connection daisy chain for ground on all the buttons to the kaimaina?  The screw terminals look like they are intended to have a separate ground for the punch buttons, kick buttons, and Select/Start, but I figured everything sharing a ground would be ok.

I was going to wire directly into the ps360+ later to verify that my stripped wires and main pcb are functioning normally.

Yeah, everything can share ground. Make sure your connections to the terminals are not frayed, some small strands could be touching terminals it shouldnt. Also there is an order in which to connect the leds on the kaimana so keep that in mind.

For some reason when the mini gets power from the vcc screw terminal on the breakout board, the LEDS turn and stay red. They don't do the normal red/green/blue startup animation. 

 I did some testing with connecting the vcc wire directly to the kaimina vcc pins, and also using a header and letting it rest on the ps360+ expansions slot (not soldered just for troubleshooting).  Both those methods have the kaimana startup normally and do the red/green/blue boot up animation.

Im really confused why connecting through the breakout board is not working.

(the attached pictures have some wires disconnected because I was doing a lot of troubleshooting, but I wanted to show the red solid LED's when breakout board is connected to vcc and ground.)


I ended up just soldering the header on and installing the kaimana that way. It works fine. Just need to customize software now.

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