Regarding LEDs for IL buttons.

Pele rings are tough to beat in terms of brightness. Our newest $2.25 revision of the IL Lumination RGB LEDs are great. Although, important to keep in mind that the plastic for the black plungers is a bit less rigid, so the tabs don't rebound out as far as the clear plungers. This means they can sometimes rub on this revision of the IL Lumination RGB LED, its not a tough fix you either bend out the tabs while in the button with a needle nose pliers, or dremmel or file down the LED board slightly. Let us know if you want to know what I mean and I'll take a few photos. One of the biggest advantages of these LEDs are the easy install header which works with the Ultimarc Ultimate I/O LED Driver This LED sits under the barrel sandwiched between the microswitch and the barrel of the button.

Another other option is our Revision A of the IL Lumination RGB LED, these work well and sit inside the button. If you plan on using these, or any other LEDs that sit inside the button, let us know and we'll drill two holes for the LED wires to come out of the button nicely. You can make this request in the customer comments/ instructions which you'll find in the shipping step of the checkout process. These have a bit shorter of wires compared to the more expensive revision, and you'd need to solder the wires when using the LED Driver mentioned above.

The cheapest option is probably the $1 version of the IL Lumination RGB LEDs For these LEDs you'd need to solder the wires to the LED yourself. I'll post a small diagram regarding which sides of the LED lead to what color when soldering wires on. This LED sits on the top of the microswitch, you may want to use a tiny dab of Hot Glue on the bottom to hold it in place.

Uilas will not fit inside the IL buttons. Tropical mood could work, but when inside the button you'd need to be wary of the spring shorting out the LED if they touch. For the tropical mood you would want holes drilled in the IL buttons too since I believe it's too large to fit in between the barrel and the microswitch like the $1 IL Lumination does.