OG Kaimana(OGK) VS. Kaimana Mini (KM)

There are various differences aside from the very obvious, but for the sake of completeness we will list all of them here.

1. Board footprint

As its name suggests, the KM is much smaller than the OGK which allows for a more compact final product when installed.

2. No screw terminals and the 20pin connector

One of the drawbacks of having a smaller footprint is thatthere is no space to put screw terminals. This board is meant to use the 20pin female connector to connect. This is compliant with the 20pin standard used by boards such as the Brooks UFB and the PS360+.

There is an addon board HERE(insert Link) that adds screw terminals for mods that are not based around the 20pin connector standard.

3. Single 4pin connector

The OGK had dual 4pin connectors within a separate power zone which were meant for DIYers to plug external power to the board without burning out the main chip. The KM has a single connector that provides power for a limited amount of LEDs. Don't let this fool you, the KM can drive upwards of 25 LEDs with the base power feed!

Explain it works with both versions of Js