When installing the cherry switches into the Sanwa Rim it is important to press down very hard on the plunger once both the cherry switch and plunger are in the rim. 

The reason for this is that the + that connects the MX cherry switch to the plunger needs to be fully pressed down so that there isn't a gap where the two meet. This is especially important with Green and Blue switches that have the clicky sound and feel, as the click on these switches happens towards the end of the buttons throw. If you do not press down hard on the plunger to close this gap you'll have different amounts of space between the + where the switch and plunger meet. This in turn means that if you don't have the plungers fully impressed into the cherry switch that you won't experience the clicky sound or feel consistent, if at all. 

Regarding the buttons falsely activating, this can be easily fixed. To prohibit bunched-up wiring activating the buttons from the underside we recommend adding a small dab of hot glue where the cherry MX switch board and rim meet. 

It is important to do this after the cherry switch is in the rim already, simply put a dab where the black board and rim meet, and a small dab on the back of where the rim and the white JST connector meet.