I'll link the parts below. It's important to note that the Joystick LED needs to be the first LED in the chain from the Kaimana Mini.

It goes Kaimana Mini -> Kaimana Adapter -> RGB Joystick LED // Continue chain OUT side

You use a regular Kaimana Wire to go from the Kaimana Mini to the Kaimana Adapter, this will be a multi colored wire. You'll use a regular Kaimana wire and snip the ends and connect that to your RGB Joystick LED (or just solder the RGB LED or Ultimate Slip ring directly to the solder points on the Kaimana Adapter). The out side of the Kaimana Adapter will use the Kaimana J2 9'' Pcb connection which will have a connection side to go to the next Kaimana J2 RGB LED. I'll also attach a tutorial below.

Recommended Parts required excluding JLF RGB LED Joystick
^*Two of these or just one and a smaller one to connect to the Joystick RGB LED leads*

^One of these*

^*One of these*

You could also grab an Ultimate Slip ring which i'd recommend since as you play the joystick will spin tangling the LED wire. Eventually after enough play it will kill the LED or become completely tangled.


Tutorial Below

Another great install video by Fundando.

JLF Shaft Kit Here

JLF RGB stick here